• About us •

CEECC is located in Antwerp City, Belgium. With its superior geographical location and unique European educational and enterprise resources, and cultural and artistic background, CEECC has human resources, corporate resources and social resources of European economy, cultural and artistic fields. CEECC has the operation and implementation conditions of training and running, study tour, education and business investigation, enterprise resource connection, art exhibition and cultural and sports activities, fashion and lifestyle and other projects. Antwerp is half an hour’s drive from Brussels, the headquarters of the European Union, an hour and a half from Paris by taking the high-speed rail, two hour’s drive from the famous German cities of Koln and Bonn, an hour from Milan , Italy by air, 40 minutes from London, England by air, an hour’s drive from Rotterdam, the world’s largest port in Holland and an hour from Amsterdam by taking the high-speed rail. Antwerp is located at the center of the banana economic belt in Europe’s most economically developed region, which contributes 80% of Europe’s total economic value. All of these have given Antwerp a real reputation as the “Heart of Europe”.

CEECC cooperates with European universities in running schools, training, study tours, summer camps and other matters related to international teaching. At the same time, CEECC interacts frequently with famous European enterprises and business circles in the economic field, providing a good platform for exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign enterprises. Another feature of CEECC is that it is very active in the fields of art, music, dance and artistic design. CEECC has carried out a number of projects to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between China and Europe, and has contributed to the internationalization of Chinese art and design to the best of its ability.