Real Estate Development

Van Wellen Group is actively involved in residential construction activities.

Van Wellen Group is carrying out the most prominent residential construction in the rich district of Knokke-Heist, a coastal city in Belgium. Van Wellen has always been committed to developing amazing life concepts, integrating living, leisure, sports and fashion. At this stage, the cooperative real estate projects include:

Project on sale: De WiSer Dame in Antwerp

The De Wiser Dame project is located in a prime location in downtown Antwerp. It is located between the alliance campus of Antwerp university, the commercial pedestrian street and the central cathedral. It is an ideal place to invest and live.

Project on sale: Duinenwater in Knokke, Belgium’s rich coastal region

Living on the shores of Lake Duinenwater is a perfect experience. This unique residential project provides residents with everything they can touch. You can walk to the outside and enjoy the green environment as well as many sports facilities and various shops. The main square and its many comfortable shops and restaurants will make you feel pleased.

As there are many facilities nearby, Duinenwater guarantees that you can enjoy pure pleasure and relaxation in a green environment with a high standard of living. The broad sidewalk borders the trees as if they were inviting you for a walk. You can complete all activities in Duinenwater: cycling, sports and swimming in the new swimming pool, playing golf in the vast golf resort or using the numerous water sports facilities provided by Lakeside Paradise.

Duinenwater not only provides a way of life, it is first of all an attitude towards life, living in harmony with nature. The environment stimulates you to actively participate in community life, but it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the unspoiled Lake Duinenwater quietly. In this unique place, young people and old people live harmoniously together.