Services provided to the government and the business community include:

  1. We assist the Chinese in organizing various trainings, on-the-spot visits and discussions in countries such as Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Germany; we meet and communicate with leaders in the trade field; to interact with local enterprises; we organize visits to local well-known enterprises, well-known port logistics and b2b; and we also jointly organize negotiation meetings, promotion meetings, exhibitions, etc. with industrial organizations.
  2. We provide tailored and personalized European tourism services, transportation, accommodation and other professional and personalized services to Chinese entrepreneurs, decision makers of business organization, elites and others who need them. We seek to respect the personal privacy of guests and observe professional ethics.
  3. We promote two-way trade and investment and help manufacturers and wholesalers in need import and export products, seeking to develop the Chinese and European markets. We provide information on the acquisition and merger of European enterprises, as well as the financing and sales of high-end shops, hotels and western restaurants. In response to customers’ needs, we can provide assistance and guidance services throughout the process and ensure the successful landing of customers’ investment and enterprise establishment in Europe. We can be responsible for a series of preparations for application materials such as SIN, professional card and legal residence after landing. We communicate with relevant parties and facilitate the resolution of complicated problems and affairs in the approval process, in order to ensure that the customer finally obtains legal residence. We are responsible for and assist the sustained and stable development of customers’ local business and business activities in Europe, and coordinate the negotiation and handling of daily political affairs with all levels of government and departments. We help guide clients’ families to integrate into the new environment as soon as possible.
  4. We organize government and non-governmental organizations, associations and enterprises, people of political and business circles and cultural and artistic circles, etc. to participate in various exhibitions, performances and friendly exchanges in China. We recommend high-quality negotiation meetings and investment and trade fairs in China to local government agencies, enterprises and associations.
  5. We provide professional translation services in German, Dutch, French, English and Chinese, as well as translation services approved by local courts for bilateral official documents, and personalized tour guide and company service.

Consulting services of education, culture and art include:

  1. We select and recommend European high-quality universities and colleges for domestic universities and colleges to meet the international teaching cooperation needs of domestic universities. We follow up and provide all kinds of consulting services throughout the process, and according to the needs of the specific cooperation between the two sides, we can help to participate in the formulation of teaching plans and provide suggestions to ensure the best effect of cooperation.
  2. We cooperate with famous European universities to organize short-term training programs, overseas semester programs, summer training and study tours, orientation training programs for business circles, and European internship programs for college students and graduates.
  3. We introduce and send famous teachers from famous European universities to cities in need in China to help improve the relevant teaching level in the city and provide high-quality services for intercollegiate exchanges and student interaction during holiday.
  4. We organize and hold various art exhibitions to promote the two-way cultural and artistic exchanges between the people and the government of China and Europe.

Intermediary services for international talent exchange include:

  • We provide the services of international talent agencies. The types of talents and service fields we provide include business and trade, professional technology, art and design, so as to effectively promote the two-way flow of talent resources within and outside China and meet the needs of various talents.

International healthcare services:

  • We cooperate with Europe’s first-class hospitals to provide overseas high-end medical services and consulting services for domestic hospitals seeking international medical and health cooperation projects.